While we calculate how much money a daily wage worker make a year or his or her entire life, it will be a huge amount. 

But actually howmuch money they can save a year.

How much money they make within the age of 50. If they were working for daily wages the entire life, say from the age of 25 to 50?

So you are trying to increase your income level. That's why you are reading this post. Right?

So I'm from India, Kerala - Kozhikode.

Here almost 85% of the people need money faster. For them money is something that may help them to live for atleast two days.

A street with an auto rickshaw and an man passing on a cycle

After that if they don't go for their work they will not get paid and they suffer to meet their daily needs.

That's not what we are looking for now. Here we check out how much money a daily wage worker make.

Can you buy a house?

Money a daily wage worker can make

Daily wage works here at kerala are for males, they go for concrete works, painting, electrical works, driving and a lot more.

For females they work as sales girl, packing jobs, receptionists, house keeping and there are some more types.

An average daily wage for men starts from 800 to 1200 Rupees.

For females it's from 300 to 1000 Rupees.

So in short for a month if a malayaly goes for a daily paid job. They can make around 20,800 to 31,200.

Within a year they make 2,46,600 to 3,74,400 Rupees.

This much money is if they go for their work without making any absence except the sundays.

Big money' is it?

This is actually an active income. If you participate actively in your work in a daily basis without making any interuptions only.

Is it really possible?

Not at all...

Money a daily wage worker make from age 25 to 50

From the age 25 to 50, its a long life journey.

If you are a daily wage worker with the daily paid amount of 1200 Rupees.

And you did'nt spend any single paise from that amount.

You were on time for your work for 26 days a month.

Then the money you must be making is this much.

Its exactly 61,65,000 to 93,60,000 Rupees. In dollars its $88,072 to $133,715.

Lot of money. Is it?

Before making any answer remember the points above.

I don't think I can make that much of money as a daily wage worker.

Because I may need to go somewhere, so that day no money.

If I fall sick, that day no money.

This is kerala. So if there is a 'harthal' (Strike) That day no money.

So as an Indian, As a malayaly I cannot make that much money.

Bottom lines

Money a daily wage worker can make is just the 5% of any online workers make.

You can try affiliate marketing from amazon. The you can see that above mentioned amount will be with you within 5 years.

And not from your entire life span.

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