Earn Money Online Doing Tasks and Investing back

Referral income is from Rs 100 to Rs 1000. Here I'm introducing an online earning website. ZF Finance.
Click Here to check and join: 

Till they disappear, it will be free and earn some money here. By investing in Small level like 250, 350, 500 We can generate a small revenue through it. 

Below is my youtube video about this website.Click the Image to watch..


It's their early days so sometimes it's good to try to make some money before it's gone.

Earn Money Online for Free

I will show you how to use this website. Only those who are interested should check it out and play it.

First learn how it works by investing a little and then you can increase by 250-350 rupees if you want. If that small amount goes, we will not have the anxiety of losing lakhs.

Earn Money Online for Free

Put in a peace of mind that only as much money as we eat in one meal is gone. Good luck if you get profit or returns or just leave, there is no that much money we'lol loss.

Earn Money Online for Free

Thus we can learn how to make safe money online through websites like this. We can see this website is named SF Finance.

I made this 29 rupees after doing free task for 2 to 3 days. After log in, you will see an interface like this and when you scroll down you will see few things below.

You can see options like My Investment, Ad Card, Exchange, My Team, Welcome to ZF Finance. I am providing a link to join, 

After opening the link, you will see an area to sign up with phone number, password, nick name, and below you will see RU91 is the referral code. 

Then after giving all the phone number and password, we copy that code and paste it in the sent invitation and then press the sent button. 

Then copy the OTP on the given number and copy the number referral number, delete it and paste it and press the signup button.

After logging in this way you will get this website open in an interface like this.

Earn Money Online for Free

Now you can start by doing daily tasks like attendance and sharng referal links to your friends.

Is there any difference between online and ofline earning? Check it here:

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