10 waste of money you must be doing as if you really need to do



Just by spend five minutes here and see how you can improve your life through this. You must be doing these waste of money thinking that it is something that you really need to do.

Here are 10 things that ordinary people or the poor do to waste money on.

It seems that a lot of people take these words the wrong way. But we started to get used to the setbacks now a days. Our goal is to point out some of the mistakes you are making.

While going through this list especially in the financial sense, helps prevent you from moving forward in your daily life with an understanding where your money is really going.

Some currency dropped down on the floor

We often feel that most people do not have a clear idea about it.

If you're new here, check yourself to see if you're making the same waste of money.

Waste of money #1

Glamor and Beauty.

Have you ever seen the nails and haircuts of people who do not even have a job?

This is one of the most annoying things that can stop a person from getting better.

These are costs you incur just to attract people who do nothing better than you.

If you have a job, then the money you earn by working all week is then spent on getting a new hairstyle that will fade in two weeks. it's a waste of money.

Have you ever noticed how almost every rich person has a simple haircut?

Have you ever noticed that any successful woman entrepreneur does not have diamond ring or makeup?

Wasting money by Unwanted purchase

Impulse Purchases.

You do not need six phones,
Funky socks,
Kitchen utensils you have only used once,
The list goes on and on.

You need to be able to know exactly what is essential in your life and what you really need.

An image has been marketed as if everything else is for you. This is a marketing ploy. The product you need is these unwanted items. They have brainwashed you into thinking that you really need it.

The moment you learn the difference between needs and desire, you will begin to take control of your own life.

A study in the UK shows that the average British person spends more than  $150,000 on purchases in his or her lifetime.

When the average American spends $5,000 a year, think of it as a lot of money you can use to make your life better.

Waste of money #3

Wasting food.

Do you know how much food you throw away?

People buy what they think they will eat, but really they don't not need it.

Nine out of ten percent of people say they do this wrong.

An average person throws away 40% of the vegetables they buy, 17% of dairy products and 14% of meat.

The average American family spends about $ 20,000 a year on the amount of food they waste.

Understand that the proportion of food wasted is almost the same whether you are poor or middle class.

Spending on miracles

Miracle Diets.

Strange fitness products, teleshopping.

It took you about 20 years just to get this size of body growth.

Do you think you can safely lose 50% of your weight in 3 weeks?

Have you ever seen a twenty year old promoting himself on Instagram or TV with some Miracle Tea?

The super-ripped people you see in those videos are bodybuilders or personal trainers.

Their job is to work out 14 hours every day. That is what they do for their living.

You do not need shake weights and pajamas to stay in shape.

How often should you be fooled by lame products that are designed to victimize people who think that shortcuts can be done quickly and easily?

If you have a shapelessness and need to do something about it, the only way to get in shape is to take the right approach.

You are going to stop eating so badly that you will occasionally go for a walk or run. 

That's it, you do not have to spend a penny, you do not need a product, you just have to work on yourself thinking carefully.

Spending in lucky draws

#5 - Lucky Chams or Spiritual Items.

Is it not ironic that people who have no money spend some money on lucky chams or stones that they think will bring more wealth into their lives?

Do you know how you get enrich yourself with a magic stone worth Rs 49? Think about it.

If you have a toothache, go to the dentist or see if the magic stone can cure the pain.

You will have to be hospitalized if you want to survive any desease. 

Technology expenses

No. 6 state-of-the-art technology,

If you do not make enough money every year but still you want to buy the latest technology, it is a financial waste.

Buying a large flat screen TV is not something you need when your family needs money for home repairs.

Waste of money #7

Club party

You work nine to five for the minimum wage and you know it's not good that money will go back in the form of bottles.

It's just your attempt to make it seem like you're living in the eyes of broken people like you.

At the same time the real capitalists are making money. The money flows to their bank.

But in your case the bank is calling you for interest payment.

When people say they have to spend money to make money, they are not talking about lottery tickets.

Poor people spend more money on slot machines and casinos and for scratch tickets and everything else.

About 70% of the UK population is a regular lottery player.

Here in india it's twice the number.

The average price of a cigarette is Rs.100 per brand.

That means a pack-a-day habit costs you Rs 3,000 per month or Rs 32,000 per year.

Ten years of smoking will cost you three lakh and twenty thousand rupees.

Depending on where you live, the cost may vary.

One in 2 to 7 people in the world spends on traditional cigarettes.

Because of this shift, companies are making higher profits than ever before.

If you want to stay healthy and quit smoking, just decide now itself.

And that can save you Rs 3.2 lakh.

Money in the bank

No. 8 Your Bank Spends Your Money,

You must pay a service charge when you withdraw your money through Atm  and sometimes when you deposit money.

The interest rate is a joke and will vary depending on where you live.

Inflation. Depositing money in a bank and having an unstable economy makes you lose your money.

Old lessons about saving money are no longer applicable, which is why we recommend mastering the basics of investing money

Use your money in investments instead of banking.

Paying Tax

Number 9 is your tax.

The poor pay more taxes,

The reason is that they do not create any value in the market that the rich create.

The rich used their wealth to create more value, for which the system reward them.

So their money itself make more money to pay their taxes.


#10 Misconceptions about money for the poor

Tax. They are always shocked when they hear this,

Donation. You decided to give donations to the state for free, which is absolutely ridiculous. 

The money you give does not go to people in need, it goes to charity members and the salaries of people associated with charities.

This is one of the biggest scams in the world.

Learn how to create opportunities for these people instead of giving to charity.

Teach him how to fish instead of giving him a fish.

Create opportunities for them to apply their skills.


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