All about Android Q - Helpfull Informations and Latest Updates

Android Q the Q doesn’t yet have a full name, but it marks a shift-change in Google’s attitudes to how things should work on a smartphone.

Guys Today, we are telling you about things that Google has just launched Launch of Android Latest Version Android Q, this news has been coming to you from a very long time Android Q Launch is going to launch today Will launch tomorrow but today’s Finally Launch has been done,

For your information, let me tell you, currently the beta version has come and it is the tenth (10th) version of the Google operating system, so far as reported, Google has stated that in the case of operating system security, from all the other operating systems Very strict. Let me tell you, along with the security it will also support a foldable smartphone.

All about Android Q - Helpfull Informations and Latest Updates,

now you can download and install Android Q beta 4 (QPP4.190502.019) and enjoy a few minor tweaks from beta 3, mostly for dark mode, and bug fixes.

What is Android Q

Android "Q" is the tenth upcoming release and the 17th version of the Android phone operating system. The final release of Android Q may be in the third quarter of 2019 which is Preceded by Android 9.0 "Pie" 

Vulkan 1.1 support
, Faster App start time, New Media Codes, Google believes this latest version Android Q beta version Smart Phones will be running more user-friendly,

For your information, the Android version Q was introduced for Google’s smartphones Google pixels and pixels XL. Let us clear the Doubt of Point Wise Taxes. I will be able to tell you every single point clearly what is good and what is bad.

All about Android Q - Helpfull Informations and Latest Updates,

Android Q Features

  • Native support for foldable phones
  • New and improved UI customizations with changeable themes, icons and fonts
  • Allows users to control when apps have permission to see their location: never, only when the app is in use, or in the background.
  • New permissions to access in background photos, video, and audio files
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Background apps can no longer jump into the foreground.
  • Improved privacy: limited access to non-resettable device identifiers
  • Sharing shortcuts, which allow sharing content with a contact directly
  • Floating settings panel, that allow changing system settings directly from apps
  • Dynamic depth format for photos, which allow changing background blur after taking a photo
  • Support for the AV1 video codec, the HDR10+ video format, and the Opus audio codec
  • A native MIDI API, allowing interaction with music controllers
  • Better support for biometric authentication in apps

Google says this new version has come, it’s a privacy-center that lets users control their apps easily, but one thing is that if you share the file, then you will get a Limited Access i.e. that you can do unlimited file share 

Google has made a number of changes to the Share menu in this version, you can say that this version is very fast with the previous version, along with it has also made a lot of changes in the settings panel, let us point you all by point-wise It does not look good at the same point.

Foldable Phone Support::

Support of Android Q can be found in the Native Foldable phone, let me tell you what is Native Foldable. What does Native Foldable mean, it means that there is a clean and smooth layout of smartphones in the smartphone,

System-Wide Screen Recording Tools :

You can record your screen through tools, that means whatever you do on your phone can be captured as a video, such as opening a setting, what you have clicked – like what you see on YouTube video, you can record your screen in the same way – the interesting thing is that you can attach your voice over with your screen record too. That means that if you speak something with the recording it will also be recorded.

DownGrade Support::

I liked this feature very much, so you can downgrade any application, though still you can do it with Google’s App but now no matter how much you have in your phone besides Google Apps The app will be downgraded to everyone,

Such features of Emergency Shortcut :

You Know work a lot of benefit for the user, in which there was an Emergency button that you can handle with the power button, many times we see that the phone is locked So we can not do anything in it, but there are some things that you can do with Power Menu.

PiP Mode:

You will also be given an enhanced pip mode, seen on your TV ad or YouTube channel, running multiple apps in the same screen, in the same way, through this mode, you can run multiple apps in a small screen.


The upcoming Android 'Q' will make Android more efficient and user friendly as ever, and you can install the beta now

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