Google Pay and Common man - How it affected them


Does google pay affected any common man?

The answer is yes.

But, how google pay affected them?

Positive or Negative impact?

Slightly negative and some what positive affects.

So first we'll see what else are the positive affects.

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Affects of Google Pay on Common man

A google pay scan board in front of a shop

Positive affects are the expence.

While doing cash transfers, people have liquid cash with them in their pocket.

So they'll spend as they wish on anything they feel interested in.

Mostly like some local items, junk street foods, Tobaco products etc.

But using google pay, they were not able to buy such low value items as those local shops doesn't have a google pay or phone pay options.

If they really need those products they can exchange their google pay money to cash from someone and buy those.

Most people who have cash with them doesn't want to transfer it to a bank.

The reason is they will get into trouble in using their cash.

Cash means may be 500 or 1000 Indian rupees.

That must be a daily wage worker may get paid.

So the unwanted spending of money has been reduced significantly.

That reduction is one of the positive affect with a common man by google pay.

Also they started understanding the real benefits of saving money.

If a guy is been paid 1000 rupees per day, he will automatically spend atleast 400 rupees every day for such above mentioned unwanted items.

Negative side

The problem is almost 40% of common 40+ aged indians are not that much skilled technically.

So they can't understand how this google pay process works and how to pay.

Most of them are scared if they will loss their money using this type of transfer.

Some people are worrying whether they may have to pay tax if they use online money transfers like google pay and phone pay.

Sometimes these payments or money transfer may get stucked and people are really getting confused how to recover them or if they lose their money.

Another problem is that they must use smartphones and internet.

You know' how an indian common man is.

They are grown up like that in such a normal background and most of them are not interested in such upgrades in their life.

Not like rich people. How much money will make yourself feel rich?


There is a huge difference in between new generation and old.

The old generation here are trying to keep a distance from new upgrades and facilities as they feel like all those are risky.

They will complain every new technology and new systems like online money transfers and even online jobs.

Nothing can be done instead of trying to make them understand what is going on in the world. How the world is growing faster and faster.


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