To feel Rich How much money you need


1. $10,000

2. $100,000

3. $1M

4. $1000B

Before moving forward comment below your answer and wait for the results that we found from 30 people around here.

So from the above options if you have selected $100,000 will make you feel rich, then think about how that money make you feel so.

As per my concern just by getting some money will not make me satisfied and feel rich.

See here what I lied to you.

some dollars holding spreaded with hand

If my money start growing by itself without my effort and become double within a year and still growing. That make me feel rich.

Now you say if I'm right or wrong.

 Push the limits to ...

On my channel I've started a shorts session like asking people about their opinion.

I used to ask them the same question and the results were amazing.

Within two weeks I'll update this page with their answers and we can start our research about how the money mindset works.

Are you a daily wage worker? How much money you make?


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