How To Link Your Pan Card With Aadhar Card


Link Pan Card To Aadhar Card 

Supreme Court has made it mandatory to link PAN number with Aadhaar card.

If you do not link the pan with the base then you will no longer be able to file a return.

At the same time, changing the physical shares in demat form is also important.

First go to the official income tax site

On the homepage, you will see Quick Links in the left side. Click on Link Aadhaar, written on the second number below this link. 

Then you will find click here written in red at the top

If you have already linked your pen and base, then its status can be seen by clicking on it.

If the link is not linked to the base pantype the pan, base number, your name and given captcha in the box below Click here. 

Then click on Link Aadhar.

Now the pan and the base will be linked. If there is any problem then you will know that.

Keep in mind that the name is the same as written on your Aadhar card.

If there is any problem related to name or birthdate in the base, then make the correction by visiting UIDAI website.

How To Link Your Pan Card With Aadhar Card,

According to the Income Tax department, you can link the base to PAN by sending an SMS to 567678 or 56161.

Suppose your base number is 111122223333 and the PAN card number is ABCDE1234F.

You can SMS the UIDPAN 111122223333 ABCDE1234F in the message box of your mobile. In response you will know the status.

Usually, the link is linked to the base pan via the message. If there is no reason for this, its information is given only by the message.

Going to the pan center

You can also link the base to Pan Card by going to Pan Center. 

For this, from 25 rupees to 110 rupees and photocopy of PAN card and Aadhar card will be given.

Address the PAN Center by visiting

Here you must select the state and the city or the name of the nearest area. After this, you will get information about the pan center around you.

Registration required on the website

If you have ever filled out the returns on the basis of PAN number, then for base-pan linking, you have to register the income-tax website at

Then, after login to the website, the page will open in front of you will see Profile Settings written on the right side. By clicking here you will see the link Aadhaar written below.

Click this to add the pan to the base. After providing some information to the page that will open, your PAN will link to your base.

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