Car Insurance Premium Calculator:

Check your car insurance premium of used cars or new cars Here. Car insurance calculator helps you to determine the premium of car's and you can also compare insurance quotes and can save up to 55% from various insurers.

There are certain benefits if you are using car insurance premium calculator.

1) This makes the entire process of buying a plan easy for you. 2) You can choose the best insurance plan by comparing the premium rates. 3) There is no need to take a decision under the influence of an agent.
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Car Insurance Premium Calculator: 13 Quick Steps,image with a red car and car insurance premium calculator quick written,

You will be redirected to policybazar site as shown below, where you should enter your details.

Car insurance premium calculator,

For calculating premium for used cars, you must give the details below.

  • Car type
  • Fuel type
  • Registration Number
  • Existing car insurance policy details
  • Change in car ownership details
  • Any previous year claim report

For calculating premium for new cars, you must provide details like.

  • Vehicle manufacturer name
  • Vehicle model
  • Year of manufacture
  • State of registration of cars
  • Persons own details

Let us see step by step how you can easily use car insurance premium calculator.

After opening the site as shown above, you can either start by entering your car number or you can continue by clicking Proceed without car number.

Here we are talking about proceeding without entering the car number. You can use this calculator on desktop or mobile phones.

So the step 1 is to open this site which is from as described above.

Step 2) Select your City and RTO. 
Car insurance premium calculator,A page showing some city names to enter,

Here you must select your city and the RTO details or click the box 'Others' to automatically select your RTO details.

Step 3)  Select your car manufacturer.

Select vehicle manufacturer,showing various vehicle manufacture company's like maruthi,Hundai,honda,chevorlet,fiat,ford,mahindra,renault,skoda,tata,toyota,volkswagen,
Here you must select your car manufacturer by clicking on any brand or click others to manually select.

Step 4) Select your car model: You can select manually by clicking others.

Select a model for car insurance premium calculator,an image showing various car models,

Step 5) Select you car's fuel type.

select fuel type for car insurance premium calculator,

Step 6)  Select a variant.

car insurance premium calculator - step 6,select a variant,

Step 7)  Select your registration year from the list. If you have a brand new car click the box where 'I have a brand new car'

Car insurance premium calculator - step 7,select year,

Step 8)  Here type your full name, email address and phone number.

Car insurance premium calculator - step 8,image showing option to type add your name,email and phone number,

Step 9)  Here select the year date and month which your car registration expire.

car insurance premium calculator - step 9, image showing a calendar,

Step 10) If you have made any claim last year or if not, do make sure about it and select any of the option.

Step 11)  Here you can select or edit those details as per your requirements.

car insurance premium calculator - step 11,

Step 12)  Enter the title, your or the owner's full name, mobile number, email ID, pincode and date of birth. After that click 'continue to step 2 / 4'

car insurance premium calculator - step 12,

Step 13)  Enter the registration number and click continue to step 3 / 3 to finish.

car insurance premium calculator - step 13,

After completing all these steps a customer assistant will make a call for you to confirm the details you have quoted.

You will also receive a mail about the payment link for your selected car model. Click that link and you will be redirected to check and edit the details about your payment.


This will be the easiest procedure to calculate car insurance premium online in 13 quick steps. 

In case there has been a change in the registered owner of the vehicle in the last policy year, your vehicle will have to be inspected by Insurance company representative & subject to approval the payment will be processed.

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