create a gmail account without phone number

create gmail account
If you are using mail, you will be familiar with Gmail. When you get a new smartphone, you have a Gmail ID or Gmail account is also important for office related work. Many times you can create a Gmail account with your phone number, then you can sent text messages from Gmail.

To do that without phone number -

  1. Go to phone settings
  2. Create account
  3. Create a Gmail Address
  4. Skip phone number
  5. Google Terms and Conditions

Today we are telling you the steps that you can follow and make a Gmail account without any phone number in your smartphone.

Go to phone settings

First go to your phone’s settings.[1] Click on Accounts tab there. You will now have a list of accounts on which you are logged in. You have to click on Add Account at the bottom.

After this you will have several options to create a new account. You can click on Google here.

Create account

After clicking on Google you will have a choice that will ask you to sign in to your Gmail account. Since you have to create a new account, you have to click Create Account at the bottom left.

After clicking, you will see a new page named Create Your Gmail Account. In this you have to fill a few details. Fill your details Write your first name, last name here.

After this click on Next, you will be asked for birthdate and gender. Fill these details and click on Next at the bottom.

Create a Gmail Address

After that you create an address that you want to keep. You can create the ID you want, provided no other user has created an ID from that address.

Then click on Next. After clicking Next, enter your desired password.

The password is such that it is not easy and that number, letter and sign are all found.

Skip phone number

This is the most important job. We are making a Gmail account without a phone number. Google will ask you a phone number on the new page. If you want you can enter your phone number and click Yes, I’m in.

If you do not want Gmail to send messages to your phone, then leave the number placed blank and click on the left side below.

Google Terms and Conditions

After doing so much, the page written in Google’s Terms and Conditions will open before you.

Read them carefully and click on I Agree at the bottom right. congratulation! Your new Gmail account has been created.

Thanks to Google Finally, Google will thank you for your new account. Stay tuned for many more similar tips with NBT.

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