Best Trusted Earning ways you can start right now online in 2023 and can go for long term success

Here I'll give you three ideas to make you understand how I started from this three online earning ways and still doing it with more and more connected sites

The fact is you really don't need a lot of money to start these online income streams

Instead you can start by using your mobile phone and an internet connection. 

Now a days we all are using better smart phones and high speed internet connection. So that must not be an extra investment to this business

youtube like image with website logo and affiliate logo with black arow marks pointing each other with gold and green colour dollar sign

First best earning site to start right now:

So the first one that I started and what I recommed you to do is to start a youtube channel

But to start a channel you must find a niche in which you can easily work with. 

(Niche is a specific category under a category that most people are searching for and that can be monetized)

That can be your skill type, or what you are learning and what you are good at, or can be entertaining, informative etc.

But first check if that content can be monetized

I'm an electronics hobbyist and a bass music lover. So I started a channel related with that. Now its being 2 years and I'm getting enough money from my channel.

If I can, then you also can. To start I already told you there is no need of camera or other gears that may become a big investment.

Start with what you have with you now. Gradually you will automatically learn how to improve your content.

Not interested in online earnings?

Second best earning site any one can start today:

The second one is a website or blog. This is one of the best earning way that you can start from your mobile phone and so there is no need to create videos.

Here what you are creating is articles. Writing is the only effort you need to do to run a blog.

As I told you earlier what you write also must be able to monetize.

You have to find that niche that you can work easily and make money online.

You can start your blog free of cost from blogger itself. But if you wish to have a specific domain then you can go for a '.com' or any other domain extention.

To get that professional looking website you can start from wordpress or any other hosting solutions.

I'll make it more detail in the future posts.

The Most trusted earning way without investment:

The third most trusted earning way is to go for digital marketing. This must be one of the most profitable and easiest earning way to make money online.

What I started as a digital marketer is - Amazon affiliate.

Most of you must have purchased something from amazon.

But do you know that amazon will pay you thousands if some one buy any product from your recommendation and referal link?

Thats one of the amazing way to make a lot more money from home using just your mobile phone and internet.

This article must be atleast 2 to 3 hour of reading and understanding type if I've posted full content.

But here I'm just introducing these earning ways with you so that you can start right now itself from the smart phone that you are reading this.


Now one important part is comming. 

How do people know about your youtube channel or your blog or if there is any product for you to reffer.

That's the connecting links between these three earning sites

If you have started it now itself you must learn some technical skills to push your content to more people who are searching for this around the world.

You must push yourself to success: