Can you buy a house if you are poor


How can you buy a house

If you are working for daily wages or a low income job. Then can you ever buy a house?

The answer from some people is yes and from some others, its No.

I belong to those who answered No.

So who are those people that answered Yes?

My Answer to that query

For human beings a safe shelter is as important as the cloths and food.

We call our lovely shelter Our Home.

Our own House. Right?

So what do most poor people do if they are interested in their own house.

Thoughts are Ok. But, when it comes to reality, if we really start working for a house.

The problem starts.

How a poor try to buy a house?

a glass window of a house

A man who never atleast tried to save some money must be poor.

If you have nothing or if you won't get any support from your family must be facing this problem.

So the problem is all such of those you people will go for a loan.

Right? I've seen hundreds of such people and the result too.

Another option you poor people do is you will borrow some money to built your house from any financiers.

That too with a high interest rate that you can never afford.

Any way you'll accumulate money and buy a house or built one.

That too must be a fight between your friends house type or your neighbours house.

You know how?

His house is an upstair and you also need a house like that too.

Your friends house has 10 room house and so you need a 12 or 15 room house.

This is something that's mostly happening in our country - India.

That must not be done as per my perspective.

The Result

Any way you findout the money you need to built a house.

After the house warming the real warmth begins.

You have to pay of the loan back.

If you've found that money from any other financial mortgate source, then the real trouble begins.

In some caces the bank will Foreclosure your home if the monthly payment gets over dued.

Some people must be spending their entire life going to work just to pay their house loan only.

It will really create such a drastic situation for sure.

My suggession to buy a house

If you really don't have money then don't ever try to buy or build a house.

You can go for a small business loan or something to start a business itself.

Slowly make it grow so that you must be able to cover up that first loan.

Then if you feel that you can afford a small land that you can build a house, then first do that.

Now use that land to mortgate loan to build your busnes better and generate more income.

By that you can pay that land loan easily without any worries and finally you can build your own house with your own money.

This is just my suggession only. If you are interested in doing like this, it will take some time to make it.

But you can see that you won't have any financial cricis to buy or build your house.

You are growing your business and building your dream home together without any struggle or worries.

I feel like this is one of the better way.

What is your suggession?


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