Why we hate an insurance agent

I've seen some people hiding and running away if an insurance agent try to reach them.

Do you also hate insurance agents?

So why?

What is the job of an insurance agent? Does anyone know?

His or her duty is to represent certain types of insurance policies to you like health, business, death etc.

So why should we run away from them?

I asked one and he replied, They will force us and keep disturbing always to buy any of the policy they present to us.

a man in black dress and cap holding a sticker with insurance agent

Not only that, he say's, if we just listened to them and by any chance if we say ok, let's think about it' may be in future. They will not leave us.

They'll keepon approaching us and start asking for certain amount of money to buy that policy.

Afterall many of them will always speak about death and life risk relief insurance policies.

The main reason what I understand is their disturbance to pick any of their insurance policies so that they could complete their target and finally they receive their commision.

So next time don't run.

Just listen to them. Try to understand what they have to tell you about.

Then if needed only say Ok. 

Before that try to simply understand what is insurance. Then only you can decide if you need one ort not.

The fact is you must be insured. Read more why?

What is insurance

In official words, Insurance is a contract by a policy, which an individual or firm gets financial protection against losses.

Now a days there are very few people who do not take any insurance policy in daily life.

For example: Insurance is if someone dies in our family and if we were living with their income. Then there is a chance that their absence will affect the rest of the members as a whole.

In that case if that died person is insured, the family or nominee will receive
the same amount as the amount claimed after death.

Another example is, If we've borrowed money from someone else. It's liable to repay the money even after his or her death.

The family has to return it back. At such situations if that person was insured the policy amount as per claimed will cover such liabilities to the rest of the family.

Next is covering contingent liabilities

Insurance is also provided to cover our covering contingency liabilities or to protect us in the event of the death of an employee in our business.

The insurance policy will also help the purchasing partner or shareholder to buy
out his / her share in the event of death or other mishap.

There are those who take out insurance to protect their business

Then insurance will be required to meet future health issues and health expenses that we may not be able to see.

Then there is the possibility of some hazardsness coming into our lives which can cause a lot of losses in the event of theft, fire, flood etc.

There are people who take out insurance to protect it all.

Next we can take out insurance to protect our lawsuits.

Insurance can also protect us in the event of any disability.

Next Vehicle insurance is also available to cover the loss caused by an accident or to protect against any theft in our car.

How to choose an insurance policy

For many reasons their main purpose is to deal with financial difficulties.

In other words, by definition. Insurance is a contact between two parties.

In it one party is called insured and the other party is called insurer.

Insured means calling someone who has insured his life or property in the insurance company.

That is, the person in whose name the insurance policy is located is called insured.

The person whose risk is taken by the insurance company and the person who
took the risk is called insured.

Insurer means to which insurance company the risk was transferred.

For example, if we take out fire insurance, the damage or damage caused by the fire is transferred to that risk insurance company.

The insurer is the name given to the company at which the insured's risk is taken.


So from the above description you must have a little understanding about insurance and their needs.

Next time if any insurance agent approach you ask them what type of cover you need and if you are willing only.

If that agent can provide you with the necisities, you can pay them the money and keep yourself and your family member safe from any upcoming financial issues.

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