Why I Cannot Make Money Online


Why I Can't Make Money Online

If you ask me why you cannot make money online, let me say two or three reasons.

Basic Reasons:

The first is laziness.

Laziness means those people who know there are several ways to make money online and just waste time doing nothing or those who are not willing to work hard.

The Second:

Is those who do not know those steps or they do not try to start working to make money online.

an iphone on a keyboard and a currency

Third. Self disrespect or negative mindset.

They say that - I don't want to do anything, or I'm not interested to do it,

let those who are making money, make it.

Let me just live my life as it is and not interested in changing the situation.

In other words, They don't want to get out of their comfort zone.

How to start making money online:

To start making money you must be ready to work hard.

Working hard means not to work using your muscle and time.

Find out what makes you excited the most and start expressing it to the world.

To do that you only have some social media's to get started.

In 2022 there are thousands of people starting their road to success in digital world.

So If you try to remove those above mentioned blockings from your mind and started working, you'll see success coming through.

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