I made some money online as an affiliate - You know how much ?

Searching on how to make money online? Then I'm not the one who can help you. You can leave now itself and search some where.

There you will get big big promises, offers, packages etc, and also you can buy their online course spending some money and all those.

But here you can only see how I made money online as an affiliate marketer for the first time. If you are interested in that realistic way then you can read more.

Make money as an affiliate

How did I started my Online business

Any one can start online busines from even without spending any money.

Two years back, I was in some conversation with some of my friends about making money.

As you already know from my previous posts that I'm an Indian and in india it's almost hard for a normal person to make money.

So we already had some daily payment jobs. But that was from morning till evening that we use to spend or exchange our time to get some money.

And my conversation with my friends ended up with a decision that here after we are not going to live a life with those active income itself.

We really need to get some extra money to maintain those needs.

And we decided to start a blog. That too in blogger. Because we learned about how to setup a blog or website. But we don't have the money to buy domains or buy a website like wordpress or any.

So we kept aside that blog and decided that we'll do it later and jumped in to affiliate marketing.

Daily watched videos and read all those that will help us learn how to do SEO.

My first affiliate account

With some basic knowledge I started my first affiliate account on amazon.

Now how to promote those products in my niche. After learning about that, I started a facebook page and also started the blog that I left behind on blogger.

In the beggining I just started posting some images from amazon and pasting the links above that.

And kept waiting and waiting for the sale to start and I look my affiliate home page daily looking for how much sale did I made. And how much commission I got.

But, Nothing happened.

No sale, No money. After 6 months I lost hope in making money online.

Now how to get sales for my products?

Here's how I started an online business seriously by launching an ecommerce store in 2021.

Without any shortcuts, no hacks. Only by hard work and smart planning.

That describes the whole affiliate marketing stratergy that I used to get my first 1000 Rupees from amazon within a month.

Affiliate marketing

'First Give Some Value' to make money online

With zero balance bank account and wallet, what will you give. huh?

You don't need to give money to anyone to make money online. Also it must not be the money that you should be targeting.

Even though the end goal is money, from the starting point you must not look at how much money you will get by doing that.

By looking at the result as money, you will not get that happiness and fullfill ness.

It's some thing like, If a person is looking for something that has a value and if you can deliver them that value in a unique or your own way, then that is giving a value to them.

And the result will be a lot of happiness and a bunch of money.

Did'nt get me?

Comment below if you need more explanation with examples.