How I made 43% conversion in sale online at kerala

I got 0.43% conversion in sale online within a weak just with some malayaly customers.

In sale what do you expect and what result you get?

I was an affiliate for almost two years. Sill I can only generate Rs.1000 within that period.

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Do you know why?

The reason is I was just posting links on some social media's.

Will you buy or even care such links if you see that on your Facebook wall or anywhere?

I won't do so. This is not like winning Lottery.

I realised that once I was simply scrolling down on Facebook. There were some Ad's about some products.

But I didn't even noticed what those Ad's were about.

Suddenly I saw a photo. I thought I've seen that man somewhere. Then I scrolled back.

That was Neil Patel. I've seen his videos and read his articles about SEO.

That Ad was about his online service.

I watched that Ad completely. I do SEO myself so I don't need his service.

Still I watched his video Ad.


Because I know him. I trust him. And I know he can do the service exactly as he told on that Ad.

If in future I need any such service or products my preference will be neil.

Because I trust him.

Built trust and relationship.

in sale

To get more
conversion in sale, pasting links are not necessary.

Even people will contact you and ask for your recommendations for buying any products online.

Then you will probability be sending affiliate link from your own store.

So that trust or relation that you made with the people will make them contact you.

link clicks

How to make your first sale

For example. If 10 people out there are your fans.

They believe in you. Ok.

Then how will you make them buy anything.

I'll tell you one of my experience if those 10 people were with me.

One of the way is to find out if there is any common need that they are interested and is not available easily in the market.

After that present before them the benefits of that need and products.

Then create an urgency to make them buy that product.

Show them what will they get if they buy that product from your recommendation.

If the urgeny develope for at least I person, you can convert that person into a customer.

So if the first sale is done, the conversion will be 0.1%.

By that you can see a progress in sale at your online store.


Progress in sale

So, what made that sale.

It's the trust that I made with them by relating in a honest way.

But, for a worldwide market how can you built that trust or relationship?

Not directly. But using social media.

Post contents that will make the people click on your links.

Post videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc that will create that trust and relationship between you and them.

Make your face or products familiar with people.

Convert yourself to a brand that people will trust or believe.

I used to built that trust using YouTube, Facebook, blog's etc.

Then the sale's began automatically.

Last lines

Every thing I write here is based on my own experience.

I'm doing affiliate marketing on Amazon, max bounty etc.

Also, I have two YouTube channels, five Facebook page, three websites and membership on almost all social media's.

So there I can prompte my service and products that helped me create a boost in sale.

I made income from affiliate marketing

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