What I did to Increase my Income From Affiliate Marketing. At kerala - kozhikode.

One of the easiest way that I did to increase my income is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate income is one of the best passive income that you can generate without spending a lot of money.

Spending money does not include the expense of laptop or computer, mobile phone that you use, Internet charges etc.

In india jio is a cheap and fastest internet option.

Those are some of the daily expenses that you need to do in your daily life even if you are not doing digital marketing.

So if you want to know what I did to increase my income from affiliate marketing, I want to ask you some simple questions before that.

Will you promote my business free of cost?

As a malayaly, I don't think so.

Promoting means like simply sharing my business details and links in your facebooklinkedin or twitter

There are more like Whatsappreddit and so on.

blue analytics bars

If you are not interested in doing that without any benifits, then I can offer you some money.

But before that I need to know how much sale or business you can make if I give you that money.

Can you describe that? How much income you can generate?

You got what I'm telling about?

Ways to promote any product

One of the way I talk about in this post is through solcial media's.

Social medias like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Whatsapp, Telegram etc.

So for promoting a product via facebook, first of all you must have a facebook account.

You must atleast have 100 friends or followers and a facebook page with atleast 100 folowers.

So how will you gain those followers?

Facebook Marketing

More than 85% of the total population use facebook.

75% of those people are just normal users. They must be just swiping up and watching something that they are interested.

The rest 10% are the one that I'm talking about. The influencers.

The influencer itself is the word that represent them.

Such peoples are not influencers by birth. They use to train and improved their skills. They used their skills to add values to normal people's life.

That too by using such social media platform without expecting any returns in the beginning.

The first time may varry like a month to a year.

It depends on the type of content they deal with and the interest for that content type in the market.

So if you have a facebook page with atleast 100 followers, you can start make sales.

Do you want to know how?

I'll be posting about that soon.

About my own stratergy that how I made 13 sales in a month from 5,000 followers on facebook and also how I gained 25,000 followers and made 183 sales on youtube within 2 months.

I did this to increase my income

So as an example I told you how to start promoting with facebook.

Now the question is how I promoted?

What was my product?

Before telling about how I promoted I"ll do a simple explanation of my products.

Products, Not a single product.

I'am a music lover.

Why I'am a music lover?

That's what I'm telling you below about and how I discovered what my passion is.

So to enjoy the real music from music players like audio systems, I started searching and researching about that.

You know since childhood, from the age of 8 I think, I stared observing sound.

At the age of 14, I got my first music player from my dad. That was a Stereo AFD player from National.

AFG stereo National

Then I started listening to that and slowly I discovered that some thing is missing from that device.

I'm not experencing any low bass that I expected from the music that I played.

Then I tried adding another large speaker with that audio player and experienced a slight difference.

The original speakers were of 4 inches and what I added was 8 inches woofer.

That made some slight changes in the bass. The next problem was with the treble. (High frequency)

Discovering passion

So what I was interested in was not only the music. The reallity was I was passionate about the music player that I was using and not the music itself.

After some years I found several problems that is already in the music or audio players that we almost use.

Just by experience, not by learning. I started solving those problems at my locality.

And gradually that became my proffession. I became an audio or sound expert within some years of practice and experiences.

That was my passion and that was my skill.

I developed my skill through practices and started solving proples problems and the result was, I got some money.

More complicated issues, the more money I received by solving them.

So I decided to build my own audio system with a brand name and style.

Then I started a shop and assembled hundreds of audio systems and that was the first way I generated revenue from my passion.

That itself was the product. Audio systems of various types was and is my product.

But not all of the people are interested in such a quality outputs. Some of the people compromises quality over the budget.

So for them I stared recommending audio spares, circuit boards and speakers from amazon.

So there are the products. Not a product.

Tons of products under a category with a big showroom like amazon and my own products that made increase my income.

So the product is ready.

Now the market

For marketing I created two websites, two youtube channels, a facebook page, Instagram and pinterest.

Those seven platforms is bringing sales to my products.

So I was talking about facebook. ok.

On that page I created a public group and started posting some photos and videos that will become helpfull for people to solve their problems under my category.

my data

So peoples started joining the group and gradually came to my page and there I posted my products.

Some people started clicking on the links and reached my amazon products and slowly the sales started generating.

Some people ask some doubts on the page and group. So I used to help them answering and thus the relationship build up.

They started trusting me and my oppinions.

By the majority of the needs of the people I recommend some products.

By checking the stats I can see that from hundred visitors to my post, I got a 5 to 10% conversion.

That was one of the way I promoted my products and increased my income.

Bottom line

First relationship, Then trust and then the result will show up in the form of love and money.

Are you interested to know how much sales I get and how much revenue I generate through my all income source.

If so comment below so that I can make a reliable post about that.