DIY - Led bulb at just Rs.20.

Led bulb is one of the best energy saving light source that will help us in saving money.

Here is a way to save more money by repairing and reusing them. You can repair any branded fully dead led light bulb for just Rs 20/-.

Most of the efficient led light bulbs are costly.

But there are cheep light bulbs which will get damaged within months or even after some days after buying.

After expiring warranty period, you can ask any technician to repair or just throw away.

led bulb parts

This led light bulb board shown in this image cost around Rs 20 +/-. Approx in between Rs 15 and 30.

So any one can afford to buy one from open market.

Do It Yourself

Parts Needed:

  • Old / Dead led light bulb.
  • 7 W or 9 W led bulb board.
  • Heat-sink Compound Paste.
  • Small piece of wire.


  • Screw Driver.
  • Soldering Iron.
  • Soldering Lead.
  • Soldering Flux.
  • Wire Cutter.
  • Glue.

How to do it.

First you have to do is to collect any dead led light bulb from somewhere, from scratch.

Then start by removing the front white glass or fiber or whatever there is at the front using an screw driver.

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Now pull out the round aluminium sink where we have to fix the new led bulb board. (See the Image below).

Led Bulb Rs 20 - Reuse Dead Led Light Bulbs - Low cost led bulb,aluminium sink holding for video

There are 7 watts and 9 watts light board available right now. You can also buy online from amazon or any other market place.

Led Bulb Rs 20 - Reuse Dead Led Light Bulbs - Low cost led bulb,white square led bulb round board

Now remove the old PCB from inside the bulb housing. You can do this using a soldering iron, heating from the holder terminals.

Reuse Dead Led Light Bulbs,soldering an led bulb terminal

Take a look at the old faulty board below, that we removed from the case.

Led Bulb Rs 20 - Reuse Dead Led Light Bulbs - Low cost led bulb,holding a board on a table

Next we have to simply connect two wire's from the terminals to the front.

led bulb case with two red wires connected facing up

Insert those wires through the aluminium sink that we have removed from the bulb housing.

led bulb case opend and aluminium sink removed

Make sure that the new led board do fix perfectly like this.

Led Bulb Rs 20

After inserting the wire through the aluminium sink, fix it inside the housing. You can use your fingers to press and fix that inside tightly.

DIY led bulb,

Now connect the two wires to the led board terminals where there is marked. You can see (L) for Phase and (N) for neutral. Here in this case you don't have to worry about the polarity. Just connect it.

Repair any led bulb

After connecting apply some heat sink compound paste which is also known as thermal paste on to it.

led bulb repairing with knife in a table

Your new led bulb board will heat up and get damaged if you are not using heat sink compound.

Now simply press and fix the board on to that aluminium sink and make sure its tight.

DIY led bulb repair

Fix the case with the outer white round shade and you are done.

Led Bulb Rs 20 - Reuse Dead Led Light Bulbs - Low cost led bulb,

Watch This Youtube video in malayalam - How to fix any led bulb in just Rs.20


You can simply repair any dead led light using this ready board

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