Start Business in Kerala without Investment


Start your business with just 200 Rupees: Start business on any category at any state, any country for any gender.

To start business - what's in your pocket?

If there is nothing then listen to me.

This is not about an online business. It's the real product or service that you can supply directly to your customers.

If you really want to start business, or if you have an urge to market your products or service.

Then the reality is that you don't need ton's of money.

I've just started like that before some months and I can see my business rushing to success.

What's your field

If you are a chef, then how to convert that to a business.

a man wearing black dress holding three brown boxes

If you have a special recipe that your local customers are more interested in.

Then you are eligible to start business.

If you have a unique skill in designing dress materials.

Then don't waste time. Convert it to a product and business now itself.

I'm interested in designing audio products and producing better low bass from speaker box.

I have my own type of design and some unique experience that can be achieved by experience only.

So I decided to make that technology to start a business.

Now I'm selling my products all over india.

I started with just Rs.200. So you too can.

How to start business with that silly amount?

From the above example, if you know how to make the best chicken cutlet.

Then to convert that recipe to a business level.

Business level means you can sell your cutlet to thousands of people a day.

But if you try to sell your recipe to any retail bakery in the market.

Then no one will buy them. Then how to start the sale's.

Start with others products.

As per above example; selling chicken cutlet.

If you want to showcase your cutlet at any bakery near you.

For that you must have a name or a brand name that the bakery team may get interested in.

Imagine if you are a famous baker man at kozhikode, kerala.

Then if you introduce your special cutlet to any bakery in behalf of your identity as a baker man.

They will definitely keep your cutlet and promote that to their customers.

But, concider if you are new to this marketing field.

Who knows you?

They will ask,

who are you?

Where are you from? etc

And then they'll say we are not interested in such new products.

They will say "we already have cutlets from certain certain peoples who are already supplying them".

Now at this point, if no one was ready there to buy your products, what will you do with your cutlets.

It's a loss of money and energy, also make you less confident to proceed the next day.

That's what I'm talking about. That's sell others products in the beginning.

Don't make your own products until you become that much famous or your identity gets sinked with that product.

How to do that?

Start with just 200 Rupees.

Don't look at that amount.

You go and print some business cards for 200 rupees.

Then go to each and every bakery, or shops where ever you can sell your product (cutlet).

Introduce them by your name, your product, experience and what is there special with your product. What keep them outstanding.

While leavingdon't forget to give them your new busines card.

If you are going to 10 shops every day to introduce your product like cutlet.

Buy 10 best cutlet available at your city and give them as a sample.

But, you must be able to make your cutlet more better that the sample type that you gave them.

After two days vist those 10 shops again and ask them if they are interested in keeping your product.

You can notice that within that 10 shop atleast 2 of them will surely remember you.

So by doing this you are marketing your self as a brand and marketing your product also.

For five visits you can take approximately 15 days.

Within 15 days those ten shops will become familiar with your face and your product.

As mentioned above give them one best cutlet of that city to sample.

And remember give only one.

At the 17th day atleast one of the shop will call and order your cutlet.

That will be first order for your special cutlet you get by doing some marketing tricks.

Physical marketing, not digital marketing.

We humans will accept anything freely available.

That's what we gave them as samples.

As they are the best on available at that city, they can't hold for long.

The next step is yours that is to make your product the best than you gave them as samples.

You will get your best effort result as more orders from them and the rest of the shops also.

Last sentence

So the first investment you did was a 200 rupees business card.

Then the time and travel expense that you have done for marketing your self.

In between the amount spend for that cutlet also.

Overall with just 400 rupees you have just started your business.

There will be updates, so stay tuned.


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