Making money is not an unsolved Problem For a Normal Person

So you think making money is easy? The answer is yes.. Before going to it, listen to me.

This is only a starting of money making session. There are more and more to come. So stay tuned. I'm talking for or talking about normal persons at Kerala, India.

norrmal guy make money

What you see in the above image is a small town at kozhikode, Kerala, India.

There you can see some people. Normal guys.

Are they making enogh money? Or are they making money for their living? Or are they rich enough..

So as per your concern, what must be that enough money and what is that making money for your living.

Let me ask you five questions.
  • Do you still make enough money ?
  • Or you are making money for your living?
  • Are you making enough money for your living?
  • You are satisfied with the money that you are making?
  • Was that your vision or goal about money?

So I'll start wil certain conditions or situations that we are living.

Conditions means our educational level, inteligence level, our thoughts, our visualizations etc.

Situations means if we have all those above mentioned in an excelent level then for some people, situations matter.

Like even if you have good educational qualifications, still may be because of your family, your lifestyle, your friends of who you relate with, lack of vision etc may lead to lack of money.

Next, even if you have educational qualification and inteligence, still the above mentioned will become a problem in making money.

In fact, at any situations or conditions you are, you think like you need money to make money. 

So first I'll make some money and then start a buisness or something and then make a lot of money?

Defenitely wrong....

Let me tell you, Even if you are in such any situations or conditions that you read above, you can make money that too with out money.

In this single post I can't tell all those things. Because first I need to show you who I'am, and what I did to succeed.

That time what was my condition. What was my situation, my education, my inteligence, how much money I had, how much money I made and what is my goal.

So I'am Alex. It's not my real name. But, that's not our problem know.

I was an electronics technician by profession. Now I'm 30+. Early while I was doing my engineering itself. I was dreaming about a company.

My own company.

That company will make my own designed product. That product will be like one of our seniour told, that the product must be simple, excellent, easy to use and it should be or work like a simple appliance.

Like any other home appliance in our home.

My dream was not a single product, Instead, a bunch of my passion.

That was and that is my goal. I did'nt acheived that goal, I'm on the way now.

So what I'm saying is even if you are a rich man or women or a daughter or son from a rich family.

You must have a goal. You must have a vision. Heard this before soo many times huh?

So why should you make money or why should you need money. 

Just to eat, a home to sleep and a car to travel. That must not be what we must do if we have money already.

Yo must not be idle minded. Keep it fresh and allow new new innovations to grow.

But as for a normal guy. He don't even have any money. He or she go to work every day and earn for the living.

If any emergency situation occoured and they need a bit more money, they need to borrow from someone. In that case how can they reach their goals.

Can they reach?


Even they can make their vision successfull if they have. Then why don't a person who already have money cannot. They too can.

You know how?

Yes that's what I'm doing. I'm going towards my goal without any single penny in my pocket.

That's what I want to show you.

So stay tuned. There are hundreds of articles and videos comming. If you are interested in coming with me. Watch my videos on youtube or you can read more here.

I'll add my youtube link soon.