Thinking about money - always?

Then you are not a successfull person. If you are thinking always about money then you must be moving far away from success, your passion and the moral conciderations.

Was that the answer you want?

If Not, then I'll tell you my experience while I was 24/7 thinking only about money.

How do you think about money?

like do you think about making money or lossing? 

Do you think about that physical money, that is currency

Is that money!

a dollar sign in a circle with green background with stop thinking text

Or you think like you will make money by doing certain job or business

Just going on thinking and thinking, but not even taking any initiative. Right?

Okay, I'll stop questioning.

Years ago I was also a good thinker. Thinking about making money and living rich in my daily dreams.

Every morning I usually go to my work, till evening. I worked for daily wages. After 5 While I go back home, I used to pick a lottery, meet my friends, have some snacks etc till night.

Go back home. Start dreaming and thinking about money when I win that lottery tomorrow and become rich over night.

That was one of my thought current about money, my narrow money mindset.

Some advices you may heard or read

Some advices I got about curing this mindset is like, making a budget and follow that but I never was able to follow that.

Cunsult a mental health professional. (Useless)

Setting some financial goals and working for it. With a wrong mindset you cannot setup any financial goals. 

Start saving money. Not at all applicable for people like me who need money faster.

So any of such advices or mindset professionals was not able to redirect me.

So never follow such money wasting and time wasting tips if you are not even able to understand any of the above mentioned advices.

If you really need a change then only you must be reading this article till here. right.

Then follow me.

Is money everything?

There must be some situation that may arrive in your life where money can do nothing to solve it.

Some issues like health or legal issues.

That's one reason most broken people say that money is not everything.

What I'll say to you is money is everything. Money solves everything, every blockages in your life while you are leading faster to your success.

Money helps you reach anywhere in the workd to built your passionated business.

Money creates more and more opportunity to create more and more money.

All these I came to know or understand only after my mindset was changed.

All those creative ideas and opportunities came in front of me when I forcefully stopped thinking about money.

To stop thinking about money

What you have to do now is to just let go the thought about money. But you have to start a new thought.

If you are in your 20's or 30's, just think about atleast 10 years from now. Think about what will be your condition after 10 years.

What must be your position after 10 years. For eg: will you be a business owner,  an investor, working for monthly salary or will you still be a daily wage worker.

That thought instantly made a big change in my life. That instant while I saw myself after 10 years living the same life struggling to make a daily living.

The moment I realized I'm wrong. I'm not in the right track. I must change my vision, my lifestyle everything.

But that took alsmot 6 months for me to get started with working online. I started making videos about my interesting passion.

I started posting my youtube videos on social media's.

I started writing blogs about my own experiences in several niches and started generating certain passive income.

Now I'm not thinking about money. My thought's now are about creating something unique and usefull to the people.

Something that people needed and they must be really interested in. 


All of us are unique program's. If we start running those program's in the right way you can see dramatic changes in your life.

So If you really wnat a change in your life, then find out something special, unique inside you. 

There must be something inside you that you've never realised.

Try to find it out and work with it and you can see you were not at all thinking about money now.

If you really feel my experiences are something that you also can try. Type it down below.

With money what else will you do?