What will you do with a 1000 dollars?

If you are a person who is struggling to make money. Just imagine unfortunately you get a 1000 dollars for some reason. What will you do with that money. What else was your plan with money?

Let's talk some reality. Not my advice.

While you were struggling to make money and you've never succeded, at those times you might be always planing something else to do if you get some money.

Even I had hundreds of plans to do with money. But at that time money failed me or my money mindset failed me.

Here are some of those plans and ideas that must not be in your mind.

Plans and ideas with money

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So our example amount is 1000 dollars.

  1. If I get that much money I will settle all my debt.
  2. I'll buy a used car or bike
  3. I will not do unwanted expenses
  4. Start a small business but what?
  5. Buy cloths, shoes and accessories
  6. Eat rich foods
  7. Dating
  8. Buy one phone
  9. Visiting our favorite places

etc and what not.

These were some of my basic interests to do if I get some woney.

Are these needs necessary?

Spending for any of those or for all those interests from that 1000 dollars are not the right way if you really want to increase your money.

So what I did while I got a 1500 dollars for the first time was I settled some of my small debts.

I used to spend money with my friends and drinks

Daily I use to plan what should I do tomorrow with the rest of the money, but the plan remained as plan itself and the money kept reducing.

Are you the same type like me? Then stop now itself.

Do this with money

If you really want to grow your money them there are some suggestions for you.

I totally destroyed all the money that I got earlier. Even now I use to regret thinking about that.

So my first opinion is to forget about the money that you have now. Eg: 1000 Dollars.

But in real you have money right, then start by thinking about if you really dont have any money.

Think about those planing that you had while you were struggling for money.

Validate all those plans in detail and find out which will work for you if you invest some money for that particular plan.

And remember, select only one plan. Don't go for multiple levels.

If the plan you selected is the best that you can work with and if you are confident that the money you invest in that will grow and multiply.

Then start with 10% of the money that you already have and experience the result.

Keep patience.

And if that become a success, then go for it. Do that for atleast you make 500 dollars with that 10% you invested each time.

Now you can invest 20 or 25 % of that 1000 dollars. That is one of the trick that I used to grow my money.

I started online money making with zero investment and now I generate 350 dollars every month as a passive income.


The above practices cannot be done overnight. That's why I told you just forget about the available money you have and gradually start this.

There must be al lot of suggestions all around you while you start. But you decide with your intelligence and brain to find out what you must do.

I really appreciate your comments.