How to live with 150 Rupees with four member family at kerala

Can you live with 150 rupees with four member family at kerala - kozhikode?

Listen, It's 150 rupees. Not hundred and fifty dollars.

So this is a fact. Almost 85% of malayaly's at this period (May 2021) is not at all making any money for their living. For a satisfied living.

They are just living their life in some ways at their own risk. I mean this is a covid season. So you all know well how the situation is.

Pandemic and No money

Both pandemic and poverty are just hunting the low and middle class people at kerala.

And the truth is I'm one of them. I'm from kerala, kozhikode.

a street view

Only a person who is going through such situation can tell you the exact way how we all are living.

No job, No money, No future plans, No entertainments nothing.

Just suffer. I think sometimes thats the government decided to just keep silence. We are under containment zones and we are not allowed to go out.

In such situation also as a father I must feed my kids. That's my responsibility.

But without going out for work, how can I bring food for my family?

I've heard from our grama panchayath officials that they will give you food kit for some days and if it is about to finish, you just inform them and they will come back with help. 

So we don't have to go out for work and stay safe.

But Until today I did'nt received any kits or nothing.

So, I started to go out for small work that too in a safe way wearing mask and sanitising my hands always.

To buy those stuffs I borrowed some money from one of my friend who already have money.

That means he is already rich. Born rich.

So with those safty measures I started working again.

First day I just got 70 rupees.

That was like millions for me.

Next day I got 180 rupees. And by working for one week, I got 1050 rupees in total.

So that became 150 rupees daily for one week.

living with 150 rupees?

We, basicaly I learned some skills these days. 

One of the main skill is to handle the needs. To controll the expense and save some coins from that 150 rupees.

You know I had a shop, a repair shop. 

That was running cool and there was no such a problem with the money ever before.

Even though my business failed, I was able to raise my family.

I used to work daily and earn some extra money any way I can.

But, now I told you I'm getting only 150 ruppes per day. Also I learned some skills too.

So With that little money in 2021, in kerala where a litre of petrol cost 99 ruppes, A kilo of rice at a minimum of rupees 35, and highly inflamable price range for other commodities.

During those good and happy days, I use to buy 1 kilo of sugar, sometimes 500 grams.

Now I started buying sugar for 10 rupees.

All of the things needed, I tried to buy under 100 rupees. 

I stoped using bike. I  controlled my smoke. (Although a bad habit) By doing so I learned to live with just 150 rupees with my family.

What I learned

At that time while I was working for 1000 and 2000, I use to worry if any day I only get say a 500 rupees. 

But here after if I even get a 1000 rupees, I can save a lot of money.

Also I can use that money to invest is some online business or any better Idea that will put more money in my pocket.

So I know that a 150 rupees is not a better amount that a family can live nicely. 

They use to adjust with me and my situations. Because my wife and my kids love me a lot. 

So they know why their pappa is doing so.

Here after while I get more money like 1500 or 2000, I can spend 250 Rs for my family and use the rest to invest in any business.

Once this will be a wonderfull situation when I come through this post after some years.

If any one of you who have read this till here, comment below if you were or some one who you know were in such a situation. 

Can a normal guy make money?


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