19 volt laptop charger using car battery

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Laptop charger using 12 volt car battery - 12 volt to 19 volt

Laptop charger for car while travelling long distance is a serious issue. Especially for those who do online jobs or business. The problem is you can't use your laptop charger inside your car directly. As you know, the car delivers only 12 volt DC. Here is a way how you can select and buy a power inverter online.

You can't directly charge you laptop from the car just like charging phones, tab's etc as the car battery is 12 volt DC. The laptop should be charged using its specified charger. That charger needs 230 volt AC to provide 18 to 19 volts DC.

For that you can try using an inverter in a car. Is it possible!. You can make it possible by placing an inverter inside your car dickie and connect those monster cables all around the car.

Using Computer UPS

If you have a basic knowledge in electronics,  you can use any UPS for charging laptop in a car. For that you must be able to bring those wires from the battery in to the UPS.

How to connect UPS to car

All you have to do is unscrew the case of the UPS. Then disconnect the Red and Black wire from the internal battery. Now bring two wires from the car's battery in to the car.

Next is to connect them with the two wires (red and black) coming from the board. After connecting tape those wires with insulation tape properly to avoid short circuit problems.

Now switch ON the UPS and there the AC output is ready. You can connect Laptops, mobiles, Hair Trimmers or any type of electronic devices.

You can connect UPS to the car's cigarette lighter plug. But, for that you have to make the wires connected to the plug more thicker.

Instead of all these, you might be searching for an alternative on how to make things happen simple and neat.

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Power Inverter Laptop Charger

Using a small power inverter will work fine with mobile phone charging socket present in a car. It can deliver 230 volt ac through plug points and 5V DC through USB socket.

You can buy online searching for various types and watts of products. We'll introduce one of the product available online. It's one of the most recommended product available online.

Famous Quality Car Charger

Famous Quality is a Speedy 200W Portable Smart Luxurious Car Charger with Dual USB Hub for iPad, Mini Laptop, Camera, Portable Speakers, and Android Mobile.

Car laptop charger,black round laptop charger for car
200W Car power inverter is the perfect companion for extensive car travelers.

It converts the DC car power to AC current which can be used to give electrical energy to practically any device that is normally used while traveling like laptops, mobile phone charges, tabs, gaming consoles, car coolers, cameras .

Car power inventor is an excellent solution for emergency FASTEST recharging while traveling for long distances.


For best results the product should be from at least a quality brand. second, It should not be very heavy or big in size. It should be compatible with almost all devices that we all use.

The better is you buy a product that has a warranty. 

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