What must be money or wealth


What is money as per your imagination?

If anyone ask you what is money, then some sort of pictures or videos come to your mind.


Now I'll give you 30 seconds to visualise about what is money?


Whenever you think about money, do visuals of currency notes come to mind?

Or do you see anything like a car, a big house, building, your own business etc ?

Did you saw any food items?

It's okay, There is nothing wrong with such views.

I've already posted about - what is money as per a common man..

How I visualise

Money currency with a pen

But.. Let me give you a visual.

Close your eyes and imagine.

Start.. Ok

I usually visualise success in what I'm doing.

Visualise something like, you have created a product or service using your own brilliance and ideas.

A product or service that suits your intelligence and logic.

Product Example.

As I am a technical guy, a suitable idea came to my mind.

This idea must be useful for those who use electric bike and car.

I'm imagining one who use an electric vehicle and the battery is about to run out.

Also that man is at a remote area where there is no charging facility.

At such situations, my imaginary product works.

I visualise making a battery charging backup device that can be used as a power bank that can help the vehicle run at least 5 km.

It can be created as a product that can be upgraded and usable for future vehicles.

Next idea is about a service that can be started with zero expense.

Service example:

Imagine there are 100 houses at your area, and all of them will have to go to the store daily to buy something.

Most homes have elderly or unwell people.

Now I'll create a whatsapp group and fb group with a call number for a service that delivers essentials to all those houses and as a promotion, I introduce it to all the people near me.

In the beginning, only one of you will be enough.

Later more people will have to be appointed.

Because more calls will definitely come than you can do on your own.

Those two were my visualisation.

Where is money now?

Does any sort of luxury or currency like money came to the scene while you were reading that?

No.. Right?

Both of these will make a small profit for us at the beginning.

You need to spend money to make that product, but you don't need to spend any money to start that service.

Instead, Time must be spent.

The small amount that you get while doing this type of work will later become an investment to become bigger and bigger companies.

By that time you will notice that you are something special and there is lot of money coming to you that you can't even imagine.

That must be in thousands or millions.

That's what I call money or wealth.

I love doing things that's not yet available.

That's why I mentioned the above two ideas.


Keep in mind that you will not get that instant growth by such process.

Gradually you will grow and automatically acquire car's, house, business, establishment and all.

If you really feel like any of the above idea will workout, then share this post with such people who are interested in reading it and it will help this blog to grow.

Try any of those tips for 21 days.. And see the difference..

Here are some rich mind set quotes from some legends 

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