In making money I was completely wrong - Read what I've done


Making money was easy if I've not done these mistakes

I have always been a mistake when it comes to making money. It took me 12 years to correct them.

I will tell you how to clear all that in one post here.

When I started looking at how to make money online, I saw posts and videos like - blogging, YouTube, affiliate marketing and so on.

And so I started this blog on Blogger.

Written I lied

If you look at the old posts on this blog, you can see the misinformation I have shown.

Those were the mistakes I have done so far.

By doing so, this blog was a failure. You know why?

I did not post a single piece of original content.

Actually this is the first original and unique content I am doing.

In the beginning, this blog started with a single aim that if I blog, I will get paid.

We have many people's instructions on google and youtube on how to get started.

But I didn't do the only one thing they said.

That is Tell the truth.

Instead, I used some tools to copy the other web post and check for plagiarism and put it on this blog.

No matter how I edit it, the meanings are the same, and Google understands it correctly, and I can't get that reach.

I have been renewing this blog domain for 4 years. But I didn't get even a single penny from this blog.

Results and what next

When that happened, I stopped writing. Monthly visitors has reduced to total 10 to 15.

It was all because of the short cuts I took to make money quickly and easily without any hardwork.

You have to analyse yourself and find out the reasons for each issues.

Then teach it to those who try and fail. In fact, that is my real purpose for this blog from now.


So this is the first post after understanding everything.

Like a confession..

So stop trying to use these shortcuts to make money and don't lose people's trust.

Here after each article will be based on my real experience.

You can try all the methods, changes and survivals I have made to start from zero to now 5 to 6 figures per month.

You don't need to wait for 12 years as I did. I'm here to help you.

Work harder in a smarter way. Good luck..

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