People who give fake advice

I have some genuine examples here because, I'm a victim of naysayers. Those people out there with fake advice.

Some advices I heard:

  • 1, You'll never be able to make it, instead do this.
  • 2, Business is risky, Go for any job.
  • 3, Investment is a loss of money or cheating, Keep the money in the bank.
  • 4, Leave everything you've started and come with me. I'll show you how to do it.
  • 5, You are not that intelligent because you don't have any experience.
  • 6, Experiments are risky.
  • 7, you are a waste. 
  • 8, Correct yourself or else you'll never succeed.

These are some of those advices that I always used to hear from here and there.

My advice

Always (No - No - Don't - Never - Not a better idea) Those who used such words are really naysayers.

Because, I'm from India, Kerala.

Why they advice

Most of those people who give you such free advice must be one of the biggest failiure in their own life.

Imagine like you've started making any product and you want to sell it.

Even though you must be that confident about your product you will get disappionted if you represent that in front of such advicors.

You are taking the risk and those people who give free advice will discourage you.

So my "Advice" is to stay out of such peoples. Don't entertain them in any situation.

Should we listen to any advice

You must be the one who must decide if you should listen or should you listen from those naysayers only.

There are great experienced people around you that you don't even know.

Once find them, they can do wonders.

A single yes or a word may change your life.

Find such people around you and talk to them about your goal or vision.

Experience it for sure.


I stayed away from those naysayers around me for 2 to 3 months. Do you wnat to know how?

Because of 'lockdown'.

Covid kept us at home for some months and those days my concentration, focus and the intention to reach my goals was like fire.

Therre was noone to interfier.

So I'm here.

I usually search on google for some solutions. But all those results gave me some answers.

Not any post was from real life.

You may see my words are a bit different now a days.

It's because I write my own from my heart.