Earning from online or earning online. Is there any difference?

If you are generating income online, can you say that you are earning from online or earning online?

We will define those words more like earning money from online or earning money on online.

In real there is a huge difference. First we'll talk about earning money from online.

Earning From Online

Here we'll use some simple words to explain that.

If you have a business and you are publishing videos on certain platfoms and you also have a website where you post articles about it.

What must be the income sources you have there?

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If you've monetized those platfoms with ads' will that be your revenue source?


Will you generate more sales for your products by attracting more customers ?

That's the real difference that I mention here.

If you are only generating income as an ad publisher, then you are not really earning from online.

If you are earning money through any affiliate programs, then you are not making money from online.

The earnings that you make by attracting more customers to your products or service through those videos and articles are the real earnings from online.

Those income must be the more reliable and trustable hot customers from online that you got.

So what must be earning online?

Earning on online is like what I've mentioned above.

If you are publishing ads on your website and video plafoms, the you are earning money online.

You have any affiliate links that you promote through your content and imagine you generate more sales for those products.

By that you get some commissions for each products that you promote and sell.

That's earning money online or earning money on online.

It's a fact that if you have thousands of visitors to your website or videos then you must be earning thousands of dollars each month.

That too while you sleep or if you are on a holyday.


Any way if you generate a single cent from your online contents, then that's great.

But if you wereable to grow your business also using those contents, that may highly increase your earnings.

If you are earning from online or earning on online, both generates income passively.

That's great.