Kerala Lottery Guessing 4 Digit Numbers

Kerala lottery guessing 4 digit numbers

kerala lottery guessing is what each and every one do who use to buy lottery tickets. The way you select your ticket numbers itself is a type of guessing.

Here we include:
  1. Kerala lottery last 4 digit guessing numbers today
  2. Kerala lottery guessing (Rows and column) method

(All Data Starting From Jan 2020 only)

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You know that there are certain strategies that you can use to select the exact prize winning numbers.

1. You can select or guess lottery numbers by comparing or analyzing the previous results.

2. You can select as many tickets that have more chance to win.

3. The best way what we do is to use some calculation methods.

When we say calculation, it depends on certain months, series and draw numbers.

For example: Kerala lottery pournami guessing strategy may not work with karunya guessing.

Likewise Winwin lottery guessing will not be like SthreeSakthi lottery calculation.

Kerala Lottery Guessing Tips & Calculation Methods:

We usually calculate kerala lottery numbers in different manners. Like adding, subtracting, multiplying etc.

In certain cases those techniques won't work. So we move on to other methods.

In such cases we'll be doing, like checking the previous results and analyzing.

Afterall you know that some peoples who pick lotteries daily have their own personal techniques.

Just by a thought they can guess the next day's number. And that will win for atleast the last prize.

Guessing Tips

  1. Row, Column, corners and Diagonal methods.
  2. How many numbers you will get?
  3. What is box numbers
  4. Kerala lottery home numbers

Rows and column method is afterall not a successful one. We have tried and the results are poor.

Rows, columns, corners and diagonals:

Kerala Lottery Guessing 4 Digit Numbers,Kerala Lottery Guessing tips

The above image is what we used for guessing 3 pick ABC.

By this method you will get so many numbers that too not so accurate.

You have to invest more money by using this method. Also more complicated.

You must be guessing A, B and C separately and consider where to place each numbers. Then calculate.

So, How to calculate?

Row mean's from left to right and column means from top to bottom.

Diagonal is from top left corner to right side bottom and from right side top to left side bottom.

Corners are the three numbers at each corners itself.

So from the row you'll get a set of ABC. like '123'. next is 264 and 345. Now from the column also 123, 264 and 345.

There is another problem that is Diagonal.

Here the diagonal numbers are 165 and 363.

Next is the corners. The corner numbers are like 122, 234, 243 and 445.

So how many numbers you will get?

From rows - 123, 164, 345
From columns - 123, 264, 345
From diagonals - 165, 363
From corners - 122, 234, 243, 445.

How to play this if you are really confirm that one of this number will win?

An example for you if you have an ABC number like 123.

If you are confirm that this set of numbers will play in any manner. Then you have to make it a box.

What is a box?

Box numbers are like all those guessed numbers put in a box. So above you have guessed 123.

Now put it in a box and then take it out through a hole in the box.

You will get either 1, 2 or 3. If you got 3 first then there is 2 and 1 left. 

Again you pick next number and you'll get 1.

The rest is 2. So you saw how randomly you got the numbers. Now it's 312.

That's the way we should play numbers is a box.

So from above method we got 12 sets of numbers. Turn all those numbers into box numbers.

If there is double or triple numbers the box will change. For triple numbers there is no need of a box.

For double numbers (144) the box numbers will be 3 sets. In 144, 44 is the double number which can be like 414 and 441.

From rows and all we got 12 numbers that we need to convert to box numbers. It will reproduce!!

123 to box will become 6 sets of numbers. Like - 123, 132, 213, 231 321 and 312.

So the 12 sets into 6 equals 72 sets of numbers. Can anyone play this?

Next is their Opposite or in our words Home numbers.

What is Home Numbers ?

To find it easily you can add 5 to any given number. 

  • 0 + 5 = 5
  • 1 + 5 = 6
  • 2 + 5 = 7
  • 3 + 5 = 8
  • 4 + 5 = 9

So you got home of 0 as 5, home of 1 as 6, 2 as 7, 3 as 8 and 4 as 9.

For the above numbers, if we use home numbers 123 will become 678 as their home number.

Now the full guessed numbers using rows, columns, diagonals and corners are 72 into 2 = 144 sets of numbers.

If you play 1 set of numbers for Rs.50/-. Then the net amount needed to play this guess is Rs.7200. You may get Rs.25,000 if you pass this guess or calculation.

Know more about guessing tips:

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