WhatsApp in Darkmode - How to enable

WhatsApp Darkmode,WhatsApp in Darkmode - How to enable,whatsapp icon in black colour and whatsapp darkmode battery saver option written in white colour on black background,
WhatsApp Darkmode

WhatsApp is introducing Darkmode

We all might have heard about WhatsApp DarkMode and some of us may be using it on whatsapp beta version and Android Q. But now dark mode is coming soon on whatsapp for all users who are using androidios and below. Currently darkmode on whatsapp is available in beta version 2.19.353.

This new feature is coming for all long-awaited users. DarkMode will take effect on WhatsApp soon. WhatsApp is introducing darkmode in 'Set by Battery Saver' feature.

The app automatically activates black mode with the 'Battery Saving Feature'. This is when the phone's charge falls below a certain percentage. Darkmode is currently available in beta version 2.19.353. The new version of Android 9 and below have these features.

WhatsApp is also introducing the 'Delete Message' feature which will automatically delete messages after a certain time. The sender can also decide when the message should be deleted. One hour, one day, one week and so on.

Why we need darkmode..

In almost all app internet presents black text on a white background. While we think about display's normal mode weather it may be a laptop screen, tv screen or a smart phonescreen. We'll be staring at these screens for a long time. The screen looks bright, colourfull, elegant and all those are ok when it comes to daylight or at a bright enviornment.

But problem occours when we are using our phone at night, inside our room where there is a dark enviornment that may create some irritation or strain in our eyes.

That does'nt mean that if you use your mobile or laptop for a long time may harm your eye sight. (Those things are completely another part of discussion). Here we're talking about normal mobile screen which looks bright white and stinging into your eyes which will create sore eyes.

Darkmode (optional)

By using some other unofficial WhatsApp, we can use darkmode. To eliminate those eye irritation while using normal screen in dark enviornment, we may search for any dark screen mode that may look comfortable for your eyes. Because the majority of the screen area which looks white and bright in normal mode will turn to black and the other elements and text appears white when we switch to darkmode.

How to switch to darkmode

WhatsApp Darkmode Settings,WhatsApp in Darkmode - How to enable,Whatsapp darkmode activating settings page image on black background,
WhatsApp Darkmode Settings

You can activate darkmode by entering your whatsApp settings, then below the account tab you can see the theme option. When you click that you will get an option to chose system defaultlight and darkLight theme is what we get as normal bright screen. Here you select the third mode. ie; darkmode
But for official WhatsApp it has not yet launched. After all There are certain phones which comes with night mode or darkmode or dark theme.