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Libra - The Internet Money

Libra , heard about this? Many of you may be using facebook. Recently some of us came to know that facebook has launched something like a type of crypto currency. They named it as Libra. So we'll learn something more about Libra and what's not. How can we use it or if we can.

Libra as Bitcoin or Monero...

Got excited? But don't get started by comparing this with Bitcoin, monero etc. This is not actually like, as you just invest your money in it and after wards it's value will get raised to double and more and more.

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Access to global economy

Imagine if more people had more access to global economy. You may know that even there are lot of people around the world who don't even have a bank account. They have to pay heavy charges for, if they have to do any transactions or purchases. In such cases Libra will become help full for them.

Fast Transactions

Libra will be one of the fastest way to do transactions. Using bitcoin you can do seven transactions in a second. But by using this transactions will be breaking those records.

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New global crypto currency

Libra is just like a Currency exchange or converter. As you can say, you just converted your money into dolar or pound or euro. That's it, you can just convert your money into digital currency.

Their concept is somewhat like Paypal or Paytm. The user just need a Photo ID which will verify their identity. Then you can just buy libra using your currency (cash) from any Wallet app. Then use them for transactions or payments and so on.

The best thing is the transaction charges. It's almost very very less compared to other card services. You can later convert your digital currency in to hard cash.

Network Partners

Libra Association is governed by diverse businesses, multilateral organisations, nonprofit and academic institutions. Organisations join this association by running a validator node on the network and serving the governance.

Libra, UPLibra & Libra OTC, Offshore Technology Conference, libra partners,
Libra Partners

An initial group of organisations will work together to finalize the associations charter and will become the association's founding members upon it's completion.

There may be any link between Libra and UPLibra. Not Sure yet until it gets launched.

Content source: UPLibra Site.

What is UPLibra?

Libra, UPLibra & Libra OTC, Offshore Technology Conference, UPLibra,

UPLibra is currently building an OTC trading system for Libra. The system will quickly match local buyers and sellers to help users complete transactions between this and local currencies. (Content From UPLibra site)

Is Uplibra - A global unofficial Libra association - Scam ?

About UPLibra we can read as (UPLibra is committed to establishing a Libra OTC trading platform, providing fast, secure and valuable exchange services to users all over the world)

But how many of you can beleive that just by login using an Email ID, User name and a Password, who will give you money every day, every hours. But, It's true. We can really see the dolar increasing as Libra in our account.

Scam or not we'll just wait and see whether we'll be screwed or not. I also got a referal link from UPLibra. You can signup by clicking the. First you have to provide a user name, then a password. Hit Enter.

You will be asked to verify your Email adress. Just after verifying you will get 3 Libra free. Refresh your dashboard every hour and Click the CLAIM button. By that you will get more libra coins for free.

You can earn more free libra coin's by sharing your Referal link to your friends. If they click and signup you Will gain 1 libra coin free. Click Here for free Libra.

See the image below How the page looks like on a Desktop or Mobile phone.

UPLibra early warm-up round - Gain free 1,000,000 Libra in advance

Libra, UPLibra & Libra OTC, Offshore Technology Conference, UPLibra, UPLibra interface,
UPLibra Interface

You can see the above heading as gain free. This may be what driving people into this. Any thing free will attract so-many of people like, may be like us. Ha Ha Just joke!