Xiaomi Super Sale - Great Discount On Smartphones

Xiaomi Super Sale-Great Discount On Smartphones,image of a man standing in a showroom,

Mi super sale

Xiaomi has become the number one smartphone brand in India today. With the launch of this company’s smartphones, they create new records of success.

There is a low price and superb specification which brings Xiaomi to the top.

Xiaomi also takes special care of his fans and organizes offers and sale from time to time. Even after Holi’s passing, Xiaomi has brought a great gift to his Indian fans.

Xiaomi has organized ‘Me Super Sale’, in which many of the company’s smartphones have become available for sale with huge discounts and offers.

Mi Super Sale’ has been organized by Xiaomi. I started Super-Sale today ie March 25, which will run till March 28.

In this four-day sale, Xiaomi has included several great smartphones launched under the series and the Redmi series, which will be available for sale with heavy discounts.

By March 28 these smartphones will not only be able to buy at reduced prices, but also cashback on exchange offers and purchase of phones.

1.Cheap Phones

Mi Super sell, organized by Shaomi, will start from today and start till March 28 and during this time the company’s official website Me dot com will be able to buy Shaomi Fons under the offer.

At the same time, on the shopping site Amazon India and Flipkart, Shaomi will also be available for sale with smartphone discounts and other offers.

Keep in mind that I have just been promoted on the online platform which will be available only for a limited period.

2.These smartphones will get cheaper in Sell

I will be able to buy 2,000 rupees for 6 GB RAM variants of Redmi Note Pro 6 in Super Sale and 4 GB RAM variants can be bought at 1,000 rupees for less.

This phone was launched at 6 GB RAM 15,999 and 4GB RAM variants at Rs. 12,999, but I can buy 6GB Ram variants of the phone under Super Sale for Rs. 12,999 and 4GB RAM variants for Rs. 11,999.

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Similarly, Shawomi’s Redmi 6A smartphones can also be bought at Discounted Prices in the Super Sale.

In this cell, the 2 GB RAM and 16 GB memory variants of the Radmi 6A will be available for sale at Rs 5,999 while the 2 GB RAM and 32 GB memory variants will be available for Rs 6,499.

In the super sale, the ChemoMe A2’s 4 GB Ram 64 GB storage variant can be purchased for Rs. 11,999. At the same time, I would also get an additional cashback of Rs 2,000 for purchasing an A2 from the Amazon offer in the exchange offer.

Mi fans, the sale is live Get your favorite smartphones at prices like never before from http://mi.com, @flipkart and @amazonIN

3.What’s more? Get an extra discount to ? 2,000 on the exchange on Mi A2 from Amazon India.

I have reduced the prices of all variants of Shaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro in Super Sale. The 4G RAM and 64 GB storage variants of the Redmi Note 5 Pro were launched at Rs 13,999.

But under the Super Sale, this variant can be bought for Rs 11,999. Similarly, the 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage variant of the Redmi Note 5 Pro, launched at Rs. 15,999, will be available for sale at Rs. 11,999.

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The 3GB Ram variants of Redmi Y2 have been launched at Rs 9,999, while the price of 4 GB RAM variants was priced at Rs 12,999.

But in the super sale, 3GB Ram variants of the phone can be bought at Rs 7,999 and 4GB RAM variants for Rs 9,999.

In the same way, 32 GB storage variants of Shaomi Redmi 6 can be purchased for Rs 7,499 in Xiaomi Super Sail, while the 64 GB variant of the phone will be available for sale at Rs 7,999.

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