Top Things Do With Your New Mobile-2019

If you have bought a new smartphone and you want to make your smartphone work more then you should be aware of these things. If you take a new smartphone, first of all, do this so that your smartphone experience becomes more ‘smart’.

Top Things Do With Your New Mobile-2019,image of a hand holding a mobile phone,

1.set password

First of all, when you take the phone, you must first secure the phone. Nowadays there are many ways in smartphones for this. You can use any of the methods such as finger print, password, pattern lock and face recognition.

2.Install Phone Finder App

Install a Phone Finder app as soon as you get a new phone. There are many apps on the Playstore which are used to tell your phone’s location, erase data and lock the phone when the phone is stolen. Google has created an app named Search My Device for Android. This can be a lot of work for you.

3.Set the camera

Many people buy phones only for geography. If you are one of them, then first set up your phone’s camera app. There are many features in the Camera app that you can use to improve photographs. There are many filters, modes, flash, and timers in the Camera app. You have to disassemble them all by the need. After doing this, your photography experience will be good.

4.Customize Home Screen

Customize your home screen as soon as you buy the phone. Ajax wallpaper, color, icons, according to you. Make it easy for you to run your phone so that you can easily run the phone. As far as possible, keep the phone’s more workable application on the first menu slide.

5.Backup system

Turn on the backup feature as soon as you buy the phone. No event is caused by telling. Losing the phone is also a major drawback of losing data with money. To avoid this, you should turn on the backup. Nowadays there are many types of online storage. Here you can backup yourself and then restore it to the new phone whenever you want.

6.Understand the battery

Understanding the use of batteries in the phone is also very useful. It is important for you to understand which of your phone’s app is using the battery. This will tell you that by closing the app in the background you can increase battery life. Nowadays it also comes with a Power Saving Mode feature for smartphones. You can turn the power saving mode on or off by going to the phone’s settings. Once you understand this then you will not need to carry the charger together.

7.Data settings

Understand the use of data along with batteries as well. Many phone phones run in the background, due to which the data is used. In such a situation, you may have difficulty due to spending more data on Limit many times. It’s important that you go to Settings and correct the settings of the applications running in the background accordingly.

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