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How To Prevent Your Smartphone From OverHeating

Many times the complaints of phone overheating from smartphone users are revealed. This is more when your phone is charging, playing games or streaming video. There is also a big reason for the overheating of the hardware, but still, we need to take some precautions in our everyday activities. In this post, we are going to give you some tips on the problem of some smartphone overhaul which can prove to be helpful for you.

How To Prevent Your Smartphone From Over Heating,image of two mobile phones,

Do not keep the smartphone straight in the sun

Long-term sunlight in the smartphone can cause overheating. This creates more problems when the back panel of the plastic is plastic. According to the study, having a long touch on the touchscreen of the phone has a bad effect. In this case, we recommend that if you are out for a long time, keep the phone in the bag.

Do not keep the phone on the sofa and bed at the time of charging

The smartphone is hotter during charging. In such a case, if you put the phone on the sofa or bed, it increases the heat. Put the phone on a hard surface at the time of charging.

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Back Cover Removal

The back cover on the phone is a factor in increasing its temperature. This increases the temperature of the phone. Removing the back cover reduces the temperature of the phone and the device cools again.

Do not overlay the charge over the smartphone

The smartphone should never be put on charging all night. However, we all do that. It not only overheats the phone but also affects the battery.

Remove the battery consume application:

There are many such apps that keep running in the background. These phones are consuming the battery, but it also starts to overheat the phone. In this case, such applications should be deleted from the phone.

Do not use third-party chargers and batteries: Never use a duplicate charger or battery with your smartphone. It directly affects the battery or the phone starts overheating.
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