Ac Buying Guide - Buy Perfect Ac Online

Ac Buying Guide - Buy Perfect Ac Online,buy ac, buy ac 2020, buy air conditioner 2020

Need help buying an Ac?

Summer is burning us. Given the changing environment in the atmosphere, it can be said that this time the mercury will reach comfortably above 45 degrees. To avoid the summer, people do many types of remedies and it is also one of the best ways to put air conditioners at home.

AC is a home appliance that provides relief to a great extent by the heat of this hot summer. If you are planning to buy a new air conditioner for yourself and your family this year, then we are going to tell you some tips that will help you choose the right AC for yourself.

Things to keep in mind before buying an Ac.

  1. The size of the room
  2. Calculate the capacity needed
  3. How much stars (Ratings) you want

Keep the size of the room medium

Always keep in mind the size of your room while buying AC. If you buy a small AC for the big room, then the electricity will spend more, but with it you will not get the cooling you had bought with the expectation.

Small AC's may be cheap to buy, but this will increase your electricity bill and decrease the life of AC.

On the other hand if you make an AC fit with more potential for small rooms then you will have to invest more money in buying it initially. Along with this, your electricity bill will be more due to being a big unit.

Always remember the size of your room while buying AC and buy as much as T ton AC as your room is needed. Today, we are telling you some similar tips from which you will be able to realize the coolness in summer as well as buying the right AC.

How to calculate which Ac to buy

First you have to know the size of your room. After this divide it to 600. If your room is 100 feet, then according to your room (100/600) i.e. the basic ac capacities of 0.167 tonnes will be required.

Now, you have to add 0.5 tons per basic five people to five people. Typically, there is an AC of 0.8 ton for a 100 square feet room.

If you live in an area where the temperature reaches 45 degrees in the summer season, then you have to add 0.5 tons to the cap of the above mentioned AC.

Doing so will be more cooling. Along with this, if you live on the top floor in any building, then you should buy an extra ton.

Check Ac Ratings

Make sure to check his star rating while buying AC. The more stars, the lesser the power will consume. This did not mean that you should buy 5 Star AC only. How many stars should you take, it depends on your use.

If you are only running a few hours in 24 hours, then you will have a good option of 3 stars. Along with this, the Air Circulation Rate of low-star air conditioner is the same which will cause your room to cool early.

On the other hand if you have to run AC for more than 8 hours then you should buy 5 star AC. The AC's with a 5-star rating are slightly expensive, but it is also true that the consumption of electricity is less than the low rated AC.

For AC to work properly, servicing is required every season. That’s why whenever you buy AC, you must know about that company’s After sales service.

Buy Ac Online.

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